A Musical Gift for My Students Past, Present, and Future!

As I have been speaking with many students this week, I have realized that for young musicians, the importance of learning to listen, read, and write music (or about music) is often not emphasized as much as the skills involved in playing an instrument. Music is a language, and like all languages has many subtleties unique to time, place, and purpose. Instrumental skills and technique are essential, but knowing the context of a piece is very important. I decided to write a blog with a “Countdown to Christmas” theme, and was overwhelmed by how much I wanted to include. It reminded me, that a young person might feel equally overwhelmed by tacking a new piece. So, I decided to write a short blog each day, to add to the gift, sort of like opening one present each day until Christmas. There is going to be quite a variety of genre’s and performers, so I would encourage you to check the blog each day if you don’t happen to see it on my FB page or the Hastings Chamber Players FB Page. Since my K9 companion, JJPup is a very supportive co-author, I thought I would start with a K9 Christmas Performance. We choose Jingle Bells, because it is a great piece for young children, just starting out, and can be performed in so many different ways!
Dog Barking Compilation Video | Dog Barking Song Christmas Jingle Bells | Dog Songs 2019

Karine Stone