Connection, the Essence of Creativity

“But this is not the sickness unto death. Fulfillment comes from bringing forth that which is within you, connecting to that which is greater than you, everywhere, that which is God, and in grounding oneself in love for the whole world. The sickness unto death is the despair that comes from isolation from love, from breaking the connection of self to God and to the world.”
Great composers and musicians put us in touch with ourselves, with each other, and with something that is so beautiful it’s almost magical. Technology gives us wonderful tools, but it is not a substitute for human contact and interaction. I’m grateful to be able to write about music, to share this performance of Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony with someone who may never have heard it, and technology does make that possible, but even this is a recording of a live performance, people sharing an experience on stage, with an audience through this beautiful creation, through the individual expression of every musician, and through the feelings this evokes in the audience. There is no virtual substitute for experiencing live music and there is no life in a virtual existance.

Karine Stone