Footprints in the Snow

Footprints in the Snow… all music on some level is based on either a song, a dance, a story, an image or landscape. There is very little that is truly original or creative, of more importance, most artists in all genres base their work on the inspired history that they have to build from. Without that, without the understanding and knowledge of what has come before, it would be impossible to innovate, recreate, diverge, or bring meaning to the present. I always feel, as I listen to Debussy, that his musical pictures are worth a thousand words. There is a reason that he did not write symphonies, and very few sonatas. He painted in sound. After the first “real” snow a few days ago, I saw the footprints of my neighbor across the front lawn, a rabbit in the back yard, deer in the woods, and all was quiet with only the skeleton of trees in the dim Winter light, and this is the music that came into my mind.

Karine Stone