Never Give Up!

Never give up! Never forget, always keep remembering, not just what happened, but why it was and is worth it to fight for what you believe, and for what you love! Thank you to all of my family and friends for your service, I could fill volumes with your pictures, stories, and words can’t possibly express what you have lived and died for. Thank you for all of those I don’t know, who we don’t know, we remember you in spirit. Thank you for watching over us in life and in death. What always comes to my mind is your will to never give up. It inspires me, it reminds me we should never forget the terrible consequences of what can happen if each person does not fight for what is important. It also reminds me of why we shouldn’t give up on what we believe in and what we love, not just in faith or in hope, but in actions, and the armed forces exemplify that. Never give up, give it all you have, keep fighting even if you don’t win or don’t think you have a chance of winning, just don’t give up.
I always feel uncomfortable saying “Happy Veteran’s Day”. It seems like the sacrifice made by so many and in so many times and places should be more of a holy day than a day off from work. I love the concept of “Remembrance Day”. Same day, November 11th… the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The world was devastated, the loss of life was unthinkable, but the division of countries, communities, and families as each person had to decide what to do was equally devastating, as was the thought of rebuilding. What should not be forgotten as well, ordinary people formed resistance, enlisted, they risked their lives to do the right thing, to help in any way that they could. In more recent times, when the twin towers came down the loss of life was devastating, they symbolism of division was obvious, but the unity that came out of that tragedy truly amazed and inspired me at the time. Friends who were police officers, fire fighters, ordinary people with no training who wanted to help rushed from all over the country to help. Never forget. After Katrina, ordinary people, musicians, doctors, attorneys, chefs, one former president, neighbors, everyone rushed to help and not just by writing a check. By rescuing people, animals, setting up shelters, digging through mud in hip boots, climbing on roof tops, delivering supplies by boat to people who were stranded. Never forget. I thank our military, and their families. I thank everyone who supports them. I think of you, I am grateful for you, I thank you for never giving up.
“Nimrod”, is from the Enigma Variations, written by Edward Elgar. All of the movements were code names for people in Elgar’s life. Nimrod, is “The Great Hunter” from the book of Genesis, who led his people and never gave up. Elgar named this movement after his friend and publisher, “Jaeger” (his name meaning the hunter, in German), and the C.A.E. movement, for his wife Alice, both of whom he said “never gave up on him in his darkest moments”. This is the reason the piece is frequently played for memorial services, and for remembrance day, and for veterans day. We remember you, and we thank you for never giving up!

Karine Stone