Realizing Dreams


On small business Saturday, we all recognize that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and we support them each other with purchases, FB likes, recommendations, but why? Because we offer the best rates? Buy one, get one? Free with purchase of $100 or more? Not at all. Small businesses realize one person’s dream of being an artist, a chef, a vet, a designer, owning a restaurant or a café, running a bookstore, training dogs, training athletes, running a farm, creating a co-op or community garden, running a school, being a traveling vet, owning a spa or salon, building communities through architecture and construction, designing landscapes, and so much more!

My dream? Music is for life! I so value my professional experience, the amazing schools, universities, orchestras, and festivals where I work, and recordings I am a part of, but even in that context, what makes it great is individual people… my teachers, students, colleagues, musicians, engineers, stage crews, audience members who become friends when we meet at a local restaurant after a performance, students and their families, church communities where I perform. My dream is as unique as the people who are a part of it, and I have the pleasure of “playing” a part in their dreams as a performer, teacher, and friend. Communities are a rich tapestry woven of individual threads. Each person makes us precious, unique. I so value the people who share their gifts with me, and my life is about sharing my gifts with others. Small business lives from individualism and community, it unites the two! It gives meaningful work to individuals, and creates a sustainable economic ecosystem, where we all support each other’s dream and enrich each other’s lives!

In this moment, when “virtual everything” has become the norm, it is more important than ever that we connect with each other, that we keep the human connection in our lives. Here’s my Small Business Saturday Offer… it is a lifetime guarantee, that if you study with me, I am there for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Need practice help, audition prep, help applying to schools, preparing for job interviews, need a person to throw around ideas as you make life decisions? I am a text, an email, a message, or a phone call away! Need help planning an event, have a last minute change, want something prepared with care for a service, have a question that you just don’t know who to ask? I am there for you. That is small business, no set hours, just my personal guarantee that you always get my best!

I hope you enjoy my website and my FB page, please like and share it if you do! The listening and the learning, it’s on me. To my students, and to the communities where I perform, I value you and love sharing, learning and experiencing the joy of music with you!


Karine Stone