"Karine's musical talents are many, violinist, pedagogue and conductor. I had the pleasure while working at the Eastman School of Music to see Karine's passion for inspiring the next generation of players with her insightful, thoughtful and creative way of reaching young minds. Karine is invested not only in the development of students through music, but the development of students as learners. Karine’s violin and viola playing is of the highest level, and I enjoyed collaborating with her for about twelve years on a regular basis. We also composed two pieces together for choir and strings, produced cd’s, and numerous professional recordings both for sound and film Karine's conducting is enhanced by her clear baton technique and her succinct and intelligent talent as a communicator. You will find in Karine Stone a dedicated musician who can make any music program flourish."

Diego Garcia
Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard, Co-lead faculty and Conductor
Mannes Prep Symphony Orchestra, Conductor
Dwight-Englewood School, Conductor and Cello Faculty

"I’ve known Karine for 14 years now; she started off as my private violin teacher when I was in middle school and has ended up also becoming one of my good friends going into adulthood. My mother chose Karine as the teacher to contact out of an endless list of teachers from the area when we made the decision for me to start private lessons on the instrument, since even the best schools can only provide so much when it comes to learning an instrument as challenging and rewarding as the violin. I showed talent on the instrument at an early age but could not play at anything more than a very basic level without the instruction of a private teacher. I was almost 12 years old when I had my first lesson with Karine, which is actually a much later age than most children who are serious about learning to play the instrument at a high level.

I believe I was able to quickly make up for the "late" start thanks to Karine’s ability to always explain even the most detailed aspects of playing the violin in ways that were relatable to a 12 year old’s mind, and then later a 16 year old’s mind, and later an 18 year old’s mind. I was always excited to see how I could learn and develop at my lessons; I never felt intimidated or pressured to “play perfectly” but I still was able to develop the discipline and learn the technical subtleties that the instrument requires. I quickly progressed from playing at a very basic level to receiving a perfect score in my first NYSSMA competition, playing in the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, playing as concertmaster of the Eastman Youth Fellowship Orchestra and Eastman Youth Chamber Soloists, and even playing at a professional level with the Hastings Chamber Players and the quintet “Gibbs & Main”.

I decided to not pursue an actual degree in violin performance as I planned when I was much younger, but my studies with Karine on the violin deeply enriched all of my years in school and allow me to still play the instrument at a professional level today, which currently permits me to both teach the violin myself and also play solo at weddings and other events. One of my current students happens to be the son of the buyer of Karine’s former house where I took my first lessons, so I am now teaching a little one in the same house where I took my first steps towards learning how to truly play the violin. Although my main job is now working at a division of IDEX making optical filters for biomedical technologies, DNA sequencing, advanced laser assemblies, etc. the violin will always be a tremendously important and cherished part of my life.

I have Karine to thank for being the teacher I needed to reach the level of playing that I wished for, and for now being one of the genuine friends that every adult needs in their life."

Matt Owens

"I have known Karine for many years. As a violist, I have played in many chamber groups with Karine. We have enjoyed playing countless weddings, orchestra concerts, and church services together. She is also an excellent conductor for youth and adults. She enjoys collaborating with composers and singers. She is an effective violin teacher and administrator. I recommend her highly."

Rev Cheryl Frank
Associate Pastor
Greece Baptist Church, Rochester, NY

"My name is Mariko Tomate.  I am a professor of instruction in Japanese at the University of Rochester, and I also maintain a piano studio at home.  I first met Karine when I hired the string trio led by her to play for my wedding in the summer of 2006.  I received so many compliments on the beautiful music the trio provided us during the event.  In 2015, nearly 10 years after my wedding, I started taking violin lessons with Karine as an adult beginner.  Karine was both charismatic and sympathetic teacher, who was able to break down my technical problems into bite size exercises to help me overcome many challenges.  Since my childhood, I’d always wanted to learn how to play the violin, and studying with her in my mid-fifties was like finally living my dream!"

Mariko Tomate


"My name is Terry Fonda Smith, and I am an educator, administrator, and musician. I am the Head of Lower School at The Harley School in Rochester, NY, and I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Karine Stone for nearly 10 years. We have collaborated together on a variety of musical and educational experiences for children and their families for Gibbs & Main’s Kidsemble concerts, and she has taught string students privately in Harley’s after school program. I will discuss each later, but I can easily say that in all settings, Karine has been professional, creative, inspiring, flexible, and innovative. Out collaborative work always yielded the happy by-product of teaching me more about how to work with young children and professional musicians.

The Kidsemble concerts with Gibbs & Main were the brainchild of Karine. Her vision was to take excellent chamber music repertoire and present it to young children and their families, not just so that they listened to it passively, but that they participated in the music making with the string ensemble. This approach drew the audience into the performance actively, and subsequently broke down those perceived barriers of formality between musicians and their audience. At each concert, children made instruments that were similar to those being played (slide trombones, color percussion, guitar, etc.) and had access to making music with professionals. At the end of each concert, there was also an “instrument petting zoo” where the members of the string ensemble demonstrated their instruments and assisted eager children in playing child-sized violins and cellos. The joy of this opportunity was apparent on all faces.

As a private instructor, Karine showed the highest dedication to her students. As someone who began playing her instrument at a very young age, Karine understood how to best encourage and inspire students of all levels to reach their potential. She had the rare ability to set high expectations and standards for her students while simultaneously coaching and encouraging them through the discipline and challenge of gaining proficiency. Her connection to the students was obvious and individual, as she built deep relationships with her students and their families as a partnering supportive adult. Karine also used technology to add a dimension to her students’ outside practice, videotaping lessons, and making them available to her students to access at any time. This was cutting edge technology at the time, which now many schools and educators embrace as essential for consistency and sure progress.

Although it goes without saying, I will say anyway that Karine’s prowess and musicianship are exceptional. She holds herself to the highest standard, while also allowing herself freedom to explore, take risks, evolve concepts, and collaborate with unexpected and exciting performers. With Karine in the equation, the sum is always greater than the parts. I am happy to elaborate further."

Dr. Terry Fonda Smith
The Harley School
(585) 509-2745