The Band of Brothers Project October 2021


Searching for truth, answers, and choosing to not stand idle or be silent as we began to be shocked by what we saw in 2019 brought together four friends, “The Band of Brothers”. We are easy company for each other, and what started out as a chat between myself with a friend, with another friend (a former student turned colleague), and with one my cousins eventually became a group chat between the four of us, and evolved unexpectedly into a mission to share what we had learned. However, it has not been easy going to find and collect the information, first hand accounts, and personal observations that are being suppressed. Websites disappear, speech is censored or “fact checked”, and we have all experienced the frustration of what sometimes seems like we are a few trying to turn back a current that has such force there is no stopping it. Thankfully, we do not stand entirely alone, and aside from the four of us Jason Abbott, Matt Owens, Wesley Walt Sellew and myself, we have thankfully found many others who are as concerned as we are for the fate of our families, friends, and citizens of our world.
This project began, as I said, in the Fall of 2019, and I wrote several drafts of this document.  Every day the information just kept flooding in as each of us searched for answers to questions we had when information being given just didn’t seem to “add up”. It’s now so massive that we have chosen to create a fluid work, very likely never to be completed, and with daily or weekly additions and updates. Waiting for the right time, or the completion of the project has become an obstacle to sharing truth and knowledge, and The Band of Brothers Project hopes to serve rather as a vehicle toward that end. We hope it illuminates what is happening with the “Covid Pandemic”, why it is happening, the driving forces behind it, as well as what and who facilitate it. We fear how quickly our lives have changed… reasonable precaution and “two weeks to flatten the curve” have turned into two years and what could easily become permanent loss of freedom and total “government” control (ie, our lives controlled by those controlling the government). How quickly our lives have been turned upside down! A virus has nothing to do with sweeping changes to human rights or “inalienable rights”, a nation of laws (not panic and false emergency), and the destruction of a global economy practically overnight. Those things emanate from a very different source. Now is the time to stop this and set things right, or what has very quickly become common practice will become a way of life forever, one that we do not feel should be imposed on citizens of the world now or at any time in the future.

Note: This is a living document, which we will update as new information is available, adding to each section and with entirely new sections added. It is incomplete, and while we have put it together as carefully as possible, priority was given to content and veracity over formatting. At this time there are over one hundred additions waiting to be made and the number is gowing. It is literally too massive to include everything, and distilling it all down could easily be a full time job. New items will be added chronologically at the end of each section with “UPDATE” followed by the date added. New sections will be added,  for which we have not yet had time to fully verify information and organize, and noted with the word,”NEW” followed by the date added. This document is a collection, not a reflection of  opinions of “The Band of Brothers”, since our own views are varied and diverse. We are not scientists or medical professionals, financial or legal experts, but we do posses the ability to think for ourselves and gather pertinent information from those who are. We welcome perspectives on, or “fact checking” of the content, as well as suggested additions and/or deletions and will take them under consideration. Bear in mind this is our work, and the content is ultimately our choice. Contact regarding this can be sent to Please also note that individual notifications or posts on social media regarding updates will not generally be made.

Regarding Access to Information

Our news and social media have become self-appointed censors, and they have the anti-constitutional legal standing to be just that, since the use of propaganda on the American people was legalized by President Barrack Obama in 2016. Under the guise of “stream lining” the United States International Media Board of Governors, which he claimed was inefficient, he appointed one executive officer. Putting the role of review into the hands of a single appointed official is unlikely to result in balanced and unbiased oversight, but rather to serve the agenda of a single individual or government, in absolute violation of the constitutional rights provided by the First Amendment. We believe covid is being used as a vehicle for advancing one global government and one global bank, with loss of freedom, of uniqueness of cultures, and at the expense of the rights of individuals, which are being taken away to serve the agendas of a very few. We also respect the right of others to hold a different viewpoint. This documents seeks to express information and views from reputable sources that are often not readily available to the public due to lack of internet access, published articles not coming up in google searches (although one can frequently find innumerable rebuttals),  important documents and accounts being erased from social media, and the fact that most people have a reasonable trust (unfounded at this time), that the news is in fact just that, and not advertising. In addition to this is the reality that most people do not have time to do hours of searching, and the persistence to work through an overwhelming barrage of propaganda in the process to get to legitimate research.

Legalization of Propaganda by Obama, Media Exclusions of Relevant Data from the “News”, Constant Bombardment From Controllers of Information, Government and Corporate Control/Monopoly of the Dissemination of Information and Its Interpretation, No Oversight/Accountability

Differentiating Between News/Fact v. Propaganda/”Fact-Checking”

The BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal with contributions from a diverse array of scientists and medical professions v. Facebook and it’s alliance with fact-checkers provides a good illustration of this contrast. The difference between a publication of a medical association and an e-forum with content controlled by a corporation is apparent. See self-created descriptions of each below, plus articles from BMJ and Mark Zuckerberg.


History of the BMJ (Includes information about previous research including the connection between tobacco use and the onset of lung cancer, contributor’s credentials, more.)

BMJ Covid Hub (Dozens of articles on risk/benefit of vaccines, early treatments, political/financial implications, under-served populations, and much more.) “BMJ’s covid-19 hub supports health professionals and researchers with practical guidance, online CPD courses, as well as the latest news, comment, and research from BMJ. The content is free to access and updated daily.”~BMJ

September 4, 2020 Guidelines on Covid Drugs


Policies on Information, “Fact Checkers”, Actions Undertaken (Includes information on fact checkers, no names, how they are selected etc. not one single individual, organization, or source is noted.)

March 16, 2021 Facebook’s Plans to Help People Get Vaccinated Against Covid 19 “We’ve already connected over 2 billion people to authoritative COVID-19 information, and today as access to COVID-19 vaccines expands, we’re going even further and aiming to help bring 50 million people one step closer to getting vaccinated.” ~Mark Zuckerberg  (Article contains links to advancing policies and legislation FB supports.)

Facebook Covid Information Center (Mostly information about vaccines. Important to note, and for all to see, that anytime a post appears on FB about covid, a pop-up window appears where one can click for vaccine information, not covid information. A lengthy interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci also aired for weeks, and unlike other ads or posts which users can “unfollow”, or “never see again”, these were not options for the Fauci posts.)

June 24, 2021 Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg and Top Executive Heidi Schwartz on Video Explaining How Facebook Searches Out and Terminates Employees That Leak Facebook Covid Agenda


December 24, 2016 Obama signs legislation that places oversight for integrity in journalism in the hands of one executive officer, eliminates board.

May 28, 2021 CDC Over 10K Vaccinated Patients Infected

***April 21, 2021 FDA Response to BMJ on Reports of Death After covid-19 Vaccination and How Many VAERS Reports Are Followed Up:

***May 30 2021 Vaccine Ssfety Can’t Be Accurately Tracked in the US. Statements That “Vaccine Safety is Carefully Monitored and Documented” is False.

August 26, 2021 Indiana Department of Health “Invites” Hoosiers to Vaccine Clinics (Free rides, free vaccines, guidelines, not one mention of risk or possible side effects/adverse reactions).

***September 16 2021 CNN Washington Bureau Chief Memo, “This is the point of the carrot v. stick. The carrot is no longer working, it’s time for the stick.” (Referring to reporting on covid vaccination. Memo was inadvertently sent to one person who was NOT supposed to be on the recipient list.)

***September 23, 2021 Letter From Congressman Paul Gosar to Department of Health and Human Services Citing That “They Block Their Own Policy of Reporting Death and Adverse Events Related to Covid Vaccine by Intimidating Health Care Workers and Facilities Who Do Report To VAERS.”

Coming Soon! Information on data collection/access and policies of the CDC, FDA, and NIH.

Follow the Money Not the Liability

It’s important to note the flow of funding for the covid virus, the covid “vaccines”, the development and research for both, the resulting patents/patent holders, the distribution, who profits, and the lack of accountability for efficacy, safety, and adverse reactions.

Both the covid 19 virus and the “vaccine” were and are funded by governments, ie money that governments hold in trust from taxes paid by citizens. Those same governments then “purchase” the vaccines from pharmaceutical companies, pay for distribution, pay facilities for giving the vaccines so that they are “free” for citizens.

Who profits? Pharmaceutical companies (no investment in research and development), and they are the patent holders, who by the way, have NO liability whatsoever for deaths or adverse reactions (see numerous articles on contracts and laws protecting them). This is unheard of. Patents exist to provide a financial incentive to innovators, who typically spend the money for research and development, but in the case of covid, governments funded the research, and apparently gave away the patents, so the tax dollars that funded all of this were essentially a gift of 100% future profits for big pharmaceutical companies AND their investors.

Secondary profits (also huge) go to distribution companies such as FedEx and UPS (large shares owned by the Bill and Melida Gates Foundation), and to hospitals, who are paid exponentially more for treating “covid” patients than they would be for someone with the flu (see Senator Scott Johnson videos). Important to note that a test is not needed for this funding, just a diagnoses based on symptoms, which we have all heard innumerable times are “flu-like”. How do governments come up with  this money? In the USA, the Federal Reserve Bank is printing dollars by the trillions and Congress is spending away, all increasing the debt, the deficit, ruining the economy (mandates and lockdowns have done that too), and all on the tax payers dime for a virus that isn’t that deadly (see Rand Paul Video). In Colombia, once the economy was floundering in debt due to covid, the president decided to increase taxes, and when citizens protested in the street, he had the military open fire on those citizens, including children, families, artists, and students.

Government, CDC, FDA, NIH Financial Interests And Monopolies

April 27, 2019 Five Facts About the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Why You Can’t Sue Vaccine Manufacturers.

December 17, 2020 US Government Grants Blanket Immunity to Vaccine Manufacturers, and to US Government.

April 21, 2021 Senator Scott Jenson, Fact Checked by USA Today: Hospitals Receive $39K for a Covid Patient as Opposed to $13K for a Patient with Flu or Pneumonia

April 24, 2021 Senator Scott Jenson, Fact checked by USA Today: Hospitals Recieve an additional $13K as opposed to $5K if a patient diagnosed with (not necessarily even tested for) covid is placed on a ventilator. The covid relief from the US government to health care organizations included a 20% add on for covid patients, verified by Medicare and other independent sources, no response from various hospital organizations.

October 5,2021 NIH Director Francis Collins Resigns After Gain-Of-Function Falsehood Exposed.

Pfizer and Other Pharmaceutical Companies Financial Agreements With World Governments, Patent Holders for Vaccines and Vaccine Technologies, Patent Holders for Covid Tests and Treatments, Bill Gates, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

January 7, 2007 Dark Cloud Over Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: LA Times Finds that Foundation Funds the Corporations Causing Illness and Disease for Which They Research and Donate  “Cures”.

2017 General Explanation of Patents:

*** November 6, 2019 CDC Financial Conflict of Interest RE Covid. ( Since the CDC Foundation was created in 1995, hundreds of corporations have contributed to public health programs, for a total of $161 million in donations, to a private foundation which is a subsidiary of the CDC.) These include Roche, Pfizer and many others with heavy interest in covid vaccines and testing.

April 22, 2020 Bill Gates Gains International Patent: Patent WO / 2020/060606 relates to officially recorded facts. It was registered on March 26, 2020. It was made by Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC under the presidency of Gates and gained international status on April 22, 2020. ” Crypto-currency system using body activity data ” is  the title of this patent. The online patent application can be summarized as follows: The human body activity associated with the task provided to a user can be used in the mining process of a crypto-currency system. A server can provide a task to a user’s device connected to the server. A sensor attached to the user’s device or positioned within it can detect the user’s body activity. Body activity data can be generated based on the attained body activity of the user. The crypto-currency system connected to the user’s device can verify whether the data generated by body activity meet the conditions set by the crypto-currency system, and can issue crypto-currency to the user whose body activity data is verified. “In other words, thanks to the crypto money, the chip that monitors the daily physical activity of the person will be placed in the body. If the conditions are met, the person receives certain bonuses that can be spent on something.

July 13, 2020 Tracking Intangible Assets and Ownership of Patents.

September 30, 2020 Gates Foundation and Pharmaceutical Companies Join to Advance Covid Vaccine.

September 2020 Four Corona Virus Vaccine Stocks the Gates Foundation Has Invested In.

2021 Neal, Gerber, and Eisenberg: “bioMérieux’s statements reflect the primary economic purpose of patents in providing incentives for innovators. The promise of patent protection encourages them to invest in costly research and develop­ment (R&D), affording a later opportunity to reap the rewards of their innovations. If bioMérieux and other diagnostic developers loose faith in the patent system, their R&D investments and efforts for diagnostic testing are likely to decline.”

***May 7, 2021 Patents and Intellectual Property “There has never been a point at which the Gates Foundation — before the pandemic, at the start of the pandemic, and now at the worst moment of the pandemic — is willing to surrender and look at IP as something that has to be managed differently to ensure that we’re doing as much as possible,” Rohit Malpani, an independent consultant, Unitaid board member, and former director of policy and analysis at Médecins Sans Frontières

***No Date 2021 Pfizer Scientists (“Our company is pretty much run on covid money right now.” “So if you have natural immunity your antibodies are better than the vaccine…?” “We are coached at so many seminars to say that the vaccine is better…”)

January 6, 2021 Contract Between Pfizer and Albania for Purchase of Vaccines, Billions Up Front, More to Follow.

February 24, 2021 Governments Sign Secret Vaccine Deals .

March 3, 2021 Unredacted Contract with Dominican Republic. (Shows Broad Indemnity Provisions For Covid 19 Vaccine Sales, Vaccine Contracts Force World Governments to Pay for Pfizer Mistakes.)

March 10, 2021 Pfizer History of Recalls.

March 22, 2021 Trinity Health (Letter to Pfizer Shareholders (Written materials are submitted pursuant to Rule 14a-6(g)(1) promulgated under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Details government funding of vaccine development, billions from the USA and Germany, profits to Pfizer. Links to dozens of other documents.)

July 19, 2021 Bill Gates and George Soros Back Consortium to Buy UK Maker of Covid Tests for $41 Million.

July 1, 2021PDF Pfizer, Inc. Covid-19 Vaccine

*** July 12, 2021 (THIS IS A MUST READ) The Great Vaccine Robery: Pharmaceutical corporations charge excessive prices for covid-19 vaccines while rich countries block faster and cheaper route to global vaccination. Vaccine monopolies make the cost of vaccines at least five times more expensive.

August 12, 2021 Emergency Talks in Colombia After Vaccine Deals Leak, Weakening Pfizer’s Ability to Negotiate With Other Nations. Terms of Agreement Included.

RELATED May-September 2021 Protests in Colombia: Government Introduces Plan To Tax Citizens To Make Up Pandemic Deficit.

***August 17, 2021 Bloomberg Law (Jorge Goldstein notes that patent rights of vaccines and details of contract arrangements are still largely classified information.

***September 21, 2021 $10 Billion US Financial Contract with Pfizer Allows Pfizer to Charge More For Vaccines in the Future.

The Money Leads to One Global Order

***April 22, 2020 Pro-Ip Patent Patent WO / 2020/060606 relates to officially recorded facts. It was registered on March 26, 2020. It was made by Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC under the presidency of Gates and gained international status on April 22, 2020. ” Crypto=currency system using body activity data ” is the title of this patent.

***January 2021 Center For Global Security Research: Covid One Tool for Building a Planned Global Order for Banking, Food, Property, Intellectual Property and Freedom. (581 Pages detailing how medicine, genetic hybrids, special ops forces, psychological warfare, cyber attacks, censorship and control of information, and more will be used to achieve this. The creation of a human machine hybrid, worth taking note.)

February 12, 2020 Bill Gates on Gene Editing and Artificial Intelligence.

***July 2021 Ron Paul: Succinct Analysis of Exactly How Covid Has Been Used to Promote Economic Agendas Detrimental to American People and Economy.

August 18, 2021 Tucker Carlson on Property Rights and Personal Freedom Disappearing, Cites NYC.

September 18, 2021 Food Bio-Engineered to Contain Covid “Vaccine”: (You could eventually be vaccinated without even knowing it.)

Vaccines in your salad? Scientists growing medicine-filled plants to replace injections

October 2, 2021 The Millennial Post (International French Magazine), “The Suicide of America.”
“The two most toxic ideologies of the 20th century were Nazism and Marxism. In my opinion, Nazism was identity politics on steroids, and Marxism was an oppressor narrative on steroids. The combination of the two is actually modern wokeism that was born in the United States,” said author of Woke Inc., Vivek Ramaswamy.

Legality of Covid Shots, Human Rights, Consequences of Mask and Vaccine Mandates, What Constitutes Legal Justification for Emergency Medical Protocol and State of Emergency, When Damages are Paid for Loss of Income

March 23, 2018 United States Code Title 31 FD&C Act (Congress May Grant Emergency Authorization ONLY when there are no other approved treatments available. Mandate of an Experimental Medical Protocol, marketed as the Covid 19 Vaccine violates this due to several known existing effective treatments for Covid.)

November 13, 2020 Reiner Fuellmich California Attorney Admitted to Bar in Germany/Member of German Corona Virus Investigative Committee,  Sues WHO Shows that PCR Tests Do Not Detect Covid. (Interview)

September 28, 2021 The International Journal of Immunopathology & Pharmacology Today: (Published FLCCC physicians detailed review of the different clinical stages of COVID-19, pinpointing the treatment that needs to be tailored to each specific phase. Indications for medication and early treatment.)

*** October 5, 2021 PDF Letter From Twenty Members of Congress to, The Honorable Xavier Becerram Secretary Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseasesm, Rochelle P. Walensky M.D., MPDirector Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Janet Woodcock M.D. Acting Commissioner Food and Drug Administration. (Cites numerous affordable, effective treatments that were already approved by the FDA for human use, available from the beginning of the covid “pandemic” at great cost to the American people both financially and in terms of loss of life and rights.)

***May 9, 2021 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Lawsuit Against WHO for Violations of the Nuremberg Code.
1,000 advokater och 10,000 läkare har inlämnat en stämningsansökan för brott mot Nürnbergkoden. Den nya Nürnberg-rättegången startar den 3 juli 2021 – Sista Tiden

*** RELATED Covid Shot Is an Experimental Medical Protocol, Not a Vaccine. Covid Shots Violate International Law as Outlined in  the Nuremberg Code Below Following Nuremberg Trials in Post-Nazi Germany.
November 13, 1947

June 25, 2019 Implications in 2021 Gannett News: Roe v. Wade: Reversing It Has Unpredictable Consequences to Privacy Rights, Ability to Make Medical and Educational Choices for Self and Children Could Be Surrendered to Government, (ie Mandated medical treatment for minors without parental consent, loss of right to home school or choose religious education, loss of right to privacy, protected nowhere else in the Constitution of the United States.)

RELATED January 22, 1973 Roe v. Wade Passed by United States Supreme Court, Text Here:

***March 23, 2021 State of Emergency: (What constitutes state of emergency? Are new powers granted to state or federal government (NO!)? For how long can this last? What rights may not be taken away? What is just compensation?)

August 3, 2021 Alberta Canada Highest Court Rules Against Masks, Quarantine, Forced Shots Due to No Medical Evidence.

August 13,2021 Vaccine Choice Canada Files Lawsuit in Alberta.
1803 United States Supreme CourtMarbury v. Madison Ruling That No Law Can Violate the Constitution (An old precedent, but has never been overturned)

August 25th, 2021 Risks/Health Hazards of Masks.

August 24-26, 2021 Florida House of Representatives Anthony Sabotini: Bill to limit mandatory vaccination.

August 26, 2021 Montana, (Bans mandate of vaccination as violation of human rights laws.)

August 25, 2021 (Professor wins lawsuit against George Mason University for employment without vaccination after proving he has requisite antibodies to fight covid.)

***September 8, 2021 Biden’s Order for Vaccine Mandate.
***Subsequently Biden Exempts Congress From Vaccine Mandate

September 14, 2021 Judge Blocks Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate, (Workers are still being fired, during a nursing shortage. Many vaccinated health care workers who worked all through the “Pandemic”, have contracted covid after being vaccinated. The Governor’s proposal is to hire students newly graduated from nursing school (Six Month LPN Degree) and immigrants not trained in US medical protocol to fill the gap. Many hospitals are at reduced capacity.)

September 17, 2021 States Banning Biden’s Mandate.

September 2021 Tucker Carlson, No Jab No Job: Illuminates Pertinent Details of  3.5 Trillion Dollar Budget Reconciliation Bill (From Newly Printed Money), 2500 Pages, Page 168 Provision to Bankrupt Businesses Not in Compliance With Biden’s Vaccine Mandate. (Any business not in compliance will be fined $700K/employee.)

September 27, 2021 House Budget Reconciliation Bill Defeated By One Vote.

***October 2, 2021 South Africa Lawsuit Filed Against President, Parliment,  and South African Reserve Bank For Not Substantiating Claims About Pandemic Before Imposing A State of Emergency. No Pure Sample Of Covid Virus Found Not Mixed With Green Monkey Cells WORLDWIDE.

South Africa High Court to Rule, By Trevor Winchell

NEW! October 15, 2021 School Board in PA Withdraws From American Association of School Boards. (Biden issues order that parents who object to masks in school and bring topic to school board meetings can be charged as domestic terrorists.)



December 9, 2020 Dr. Judy Mikovitz Jailed for 5 Years for Exposing Covid Plan.

***May 9, 2021 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Lawsuit Against WHO for Violations of the Nuremberg Code.
1,000 advokater och 10,000 läkare har inlämnat en stämningsansökan för brott mot Nürnbergkoden. Den nya Nürnberg-rättegången startar den 3 juli 2021 – Sista Tiden

August 2021 “Truth Variant”  (Dr. Peter McCullough and other doctors talk about unethical research, propaganda, number of deaths from vaccines, spiked T-Cells, and more).

August 19, 2021 Dr. Christina Parks Testimony for Michigan. HB4471 (This will play)
(Version Deleted- Like many sources

August 20. 2021 Dr. Sean Brooks at Ohio School Board Meeting. (This has been deleted almost everywhere and there are over 50 articles on FB and from various unknown fact checkers disputing his claims. In my experience, that reaction only occurs when something is true. FB will freeze or cancel your account, and there will suddenly be dozens of “posts” circulating to debunk it, or effectively create a smear campaign against the person who made the video. Not making a judgment as to whether he is right or wrong. But FB posts lies from Fauci and by it’s own admission from the CDC, you can’t select “see few posts like this” or “hide all from”, not an option for any post promoting Fauci or the vaccine.)

Dr. Sean Brooks: COVID-19 Vaccine Scare Video Goes Viral

September 9, 2021 Rome Declaration: Over 3000 Doctors Charge Policy Makers With Crimes Against Humanity, Urge Other Doctors and Nurses to Add Their Signatures.

***September 29, 2021 Dr. Carrie Majeg: First US Lab to Analyze Vaccine Under Microscope, Finds Heavy Metals, Graphene Oxide, Parasites, Nano Particles.
Related: Graphene Oxide Superconductor.

The Graphene Oxide Studies (Spanish)

Sept 20, 2021 Doctors for Medical Freedom of Information, (Mississippi doctors threatened if they question covid shot, they note adverse reactions including skyrocketing cancer rates, etc.)

***September 2021 Tenured Navy Surgeon (Death rates, cancer, heart issues, myocarditis, lukemea, etc.) from 20-21 in Navy Testimony. More people in military killed by shot than by covid.)

Sep 27, 2021  Dr. Ryan Cole Covid 19 Vaccines Weaken the Immune System. Sees 20 x Cancer Occurrences in Post Vaccinated Patients.

COMING SOON! Success of IVM and of simply not using ventilators even in patients with extremely low oxygen levels, dangers of ventilators, profit of ventilators. Risks and health hazards of ventilators.


***June 23, 2021 PCR Tests dipped in Ethylene Oxide, known to sterilize humans and carcinogenic, banned by the EPA for human contact or inhalation. Requiring covid tests exposes people to a substance that is likely to kill them used with this application and frequency.
American Cancer Institute on Ethylene Oxide

September 12, 2021 Nurses Refuse Vaccination. Statement from Hospital in NY “We are working to recruit vaccinated workers”. (Not contained in this article, why would someone loose their job, rather than get a shot? What workers will be recruited, those who are vaccinated, but are they qualified? Nursing positions are being filled with immigrants with no license to practice in the US, LPN’s who have done a 6 month course with no educational prerequisites, and members of the national guard, who are not in scrubs, but military attire and combat boots. There is no information as to whether or not these individuals have any specialized training (ie radiology, oncology, obstetrics, pediatrics, hematology, etc.) They are being hired to work for as much as $125/hr. Existing experienced nurses who worked through the pandemic in close contact with patients, with no vaccine, say they went from being hero’s to being fired.)

September 22, 2021 NY Times: Health Care Workers Refuse to Get Vaccine at Expense of Being Fired Due to Governor Holcomb’s Mandate, Citing Adverse Reactions, Natural Immunity While Not Vaccinated During Pandemic, Personal Freedom, and Privacy.

September 2020 Nursing Shortage in San Diego. (Nurse expresses concerns about vaccine, explains reasons for nursing shortage.)
Patient Accounts

***September 27, 2021 (THIS IS A MUST WATCH) Deborah Conrad Physician Assistant Discusses Why and How Doctors and Nurses are Told NOT to Report Deaths and Adverse Reactions to VAERS.

October 4, 2021 Blood Donor Shares Experience at Red Cross Blood Donation Center. (Many people can no longer give blood because of dangerous levels of heavy metals and blood clotting thick enough to block a syringe.)

Immunologists, Virologists, Microbiologists, and Medical Examiners/Deaths and Adverse Reactions, Reporting or Not Reporting,Vaccine Components

May 6, 2021 Number of Deaths From Covid Vaccines December 2020-April 2021. 3,722 Verified, Real Number Likely Higher. Comparison to Deaths From ALL Vaccines in Previous Years. (Number has grown considerably, even with hospitals refusing to allow doctors and nurses to submit data to VAERS.)

June 2, 2021 Dr. Simone Gold, Fauci emails: Virus is engineered, masks don’t work.

July 2021 Graphene Oxide, Toxic to Humans, Most Powerful Superconductor Material Known in Vaccines: Source Former Pfizer Employee.
(This also contains a video from Ron Paul on the amount of money and freedoms taken from the American people by the government with the excuse of a virus.)

***September 29, 2021 (THIS IS A MUST WATCH) Dr. Carrie Majeg: First US Lab to Analyze Vaccine Under Microscope. Finds Heavy Metals, Graphene Oxide, Parasites, Nano Particles.
Related Graphene Oxide, Superconductor.

The Graphene Oxide Studies (Spanish)

**August 11, 2021 (THIS IS A MUST WATCH) Dr. Ryan Cole, Mayo Clinic certified pathologist, immunologist, virologist on why the vaccine causes the disease, and other adverse reactions in cells of all organs. Effects on mitochondria, inflamatory disease. Based on autopsies of vaccinated v. unvaccinated patients, with slides showing cell damage to organs after vaccine.

RELATED August 10, 2021 Trial Site News Detection of Graphene Oxide. (Thrombogenic properties of Graphene Oxide cause excess Ferritin, leading to excessive blood clotting, circulatory disease, heart disease, more).

The Graphene Oxide Studies (Spanish)

***September 23, 2021 Congressman Paul A. Gosar (AZ-04) Letter to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Demanding a “full review of all HHS health care systems nationally to ensure full compliance with vaccine injury reporting laws including reporting all adverse events occurring after the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.” (Regarding hospitals not reporting adverse events and endangering public health and welfare.)

October 6, 2021 AP: Scandanavian Countries Curb Shots for Younger Patients Due to Risk of Permanent Heart Damage.

October 26, 2021 Pfizer Employee Discloses Cells From Aborted Human Fetus (“Pygmy Cells”) in Pfizer Covid Vaccine


*** March 10, 2021 (THIS IS A MUST READ). From the BMJ (High impact medical journal. Champion of better research, clinical practice & healthcare policy since 1840. For GPs, hospital doctors, educators. Study on the instability of mRNA in covid vaccines, lack of efficacy, failure of manufacturers and government agencies to respond to questions regarding research, impact of lipid nano-particles.)

September 4, 2020 From the BMJ, (Collection of independent studies evaluating treatments protocols, drugs, more for the corona virus.)

***Aug 20.2021 Israel Study: 85-90% Covid hospitalizations in patients who are vaccinated.

August 27, 2021 Israel Study: Vaccinated patients 13 times more likely to get covid than those relying on robust natural immunity.

August 27, 2021 Israel Study finds natural immunity offers more protection against delta variant than the two dose Pfizer vaccine, (notes one of the most immunized populations in the world as test group.)

Naturally-Acquired Immunity Offers Comparable Protection Against Delta, Israel Study Suggests

October 5, 2021 Excess Death Rates Dramatically Increase in England Summer 2021.

Forced Vaccinations

***April 27, 2021 Leigh Dundas Civil Rights Attorney at Orange County School Board Meeting Addressing the Attempt of the Board to Forcibly Vaccinate 3rd Graders Without Their Parents Knowledge or Consent.

RELATED April 13, 2021 The Incentives: Documents the “Carrot” Rather Than the Stick, Free Stuff You Can Receive For Being Vaccinated.

August 20, 2021 Australia: Forced Vaccinations of Children.

September 15,2021 Nurse in Covid Ward,  Why CDC Policies for Treatment and Diagnosis Lead to Death

August 13, 2021 Nashville Parent, Risks and Effects of Mask and Vaccine Mandates.

NYS Firing Nurses and Teachers Not Vaccinated. (Not included in this article, nursing positions are being filled with immigrants with no license to practice in the US, LPN’s who have done a 6 month course with no educational prerequisites, and members of the national guard, who are not in scrubs, but military attire and combat boots. There is no information as to whether or not these individuals have any specialized training, ie radiology, oncology, obstetrics, pediatrics, hematology, etc.) They are being hired to work for as much as $125/hr. Existing experienced nurses who worked through the pandemic in close contact with patients, with no vaccine, say they went from being hero’s to being fired.

False Death and Infection Rates From Covid

Of importance to note, PCR tests are not capable of accurately testing for Covid. (See section on PCR tests from Bulgarian Association of Pathologists.) Also important to note, death rates and infection rates do not require a test,  just a “diagnosis” with symptoms, ie those symptoms could also be influenza, or rhino virus, which have mysteriously and miraculously declined. Important to note that in the midst of a “Pandemic” the overall death rate is unchanged, depending on which figures you site.

January 7, 2020 From Bulgarian Pathology Association: PCR tests are not intended for diagnostic purposes.

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

July 14, 2020 Florida Labs Have 100% Positive Test Results for Covid.

July 29, 2020 Florida Labs Fake Testing Rates Dr. Dareld Morris.

***May 13, 2021 Tucker Carlson Statistics from VAERS, Number of American Covid 19 Deaths December 2020-April 2021 v. All Vaccines. Noting Research From US Department of Health and Human Services Showing Fewer Than 1% of Vaccine Deaths Reported by VAERS. (Text and Video)

August 27, 2021 CDC Counts deaths within 14 days of vaccination as death of “unvaccinated” person, not an adverse reaction to the shot.

Bombshell: CDC Counts Those who Die within 14 Days of a Covid Jab as Unvaccinated!


1930’s The Stalin Purge.

RELATED Dmitri Shostakovitch.

RELATED Prokofiev and Stalin.

RELATED Alexander Solzhenitsyn “Cancer Ward”.

Fall of 1945 United States Government Sprays Entire Neighborhoods with DDT, Including Children In Parks and Swimming Pools Citing Risk of Disease from Mosquitoes.

The Nuremberg Trials (Judges from the Allied powers—Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States—presided over the hearing of 22 major Nazi criminals. Subsequently, the United States held 12 additional trials in Nuremberg of high-level officials of the German government, military, and SS as well as medical professionals and leading industrialists. The crimes charged before the Nuremberg courts were crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and conspiracy to commit any of the foregoing crimes.)

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McCarthyism and the “Red Scare.” (Government laws enacted and/or Policies Implemented That Limited Free Speech in Order to Fight Communism.)

May 9, 2016 “The Human Crisis,” by Albert Camus, read by Vigo Mortensen with additional history.

September 12, 2016 Cornucopio Institute: Glyophosphate (Round Up) Standard Ingredient in Vaccines.

Glyphosate in Vaccines Administered to Children

Coming Soon! History of link to smoking and lung cancer, propaganda v. science, and the unexpected sources for each.

Karine Stone